Drive Medical Winnie Walker Buyer Review

The Drive Medical Winnie Walker Deluxe Three Wheel Rollator is made for people with mild mobility issues. The manufacturer, Drive Medical is one of the established manufacturers of sturdy medical equipment with distribution facilities located throughout the world.

Product Features Of The Winnie Walker Deluxe Three Wheel Rollator

The Drive Medical Winnie Walker Deluxe Three Wheel Rollator improves mobility and one of its unique factors is that despite being lightweight, it has solid, large, 7.5-inch wheels, which are durable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its handle height is adjustable and it is portable as well. It can be easily folded with one hand, as it weighs only 13 pounds. It has the standard loop lock that is made out of aluminum casting and ensures safety to the user. It also comes with an optional wire basket and a basket ring. It has a weight limit of 300 pounds.





Winnie Walker Deluxe Three Wheel Rollator Price Range

The Winnie Walker Three Wheel Rollator is priced at USD.182 at the Drive Medical site, has the best price at USD.77.50. It is also listed at WheelChair Select at USD.89 and at CWI Medical at USD.130. The Winnie Walker also comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a lifetime warranty on the brake cable.

User Reviews On The Winnie Walker Deluxe Three Wheel Rollator

Consumers feel that the Winnie Walker Three Wheel Rollator has thicker wheels, which raises the comfort level of the individual using it. They also feel that it is very lightweight and small compared to other walkers. Another plus point is that it has a small turning radius, making it perfect for indoor use. The large front bag is useful and can fit a whole handbag/ purse. Consumers also felt that one of its outstanding factors is that the Winnie Deluxe Walker has a good folding mechanism, making it very adjustable and easy to fold. In short, it is perfect for a small person in a small space. The only drawback, some of the users felt was that its three point system makes it less stable than a four-wheeled walker. They also felt that there is the possibility of a person falling, should one of the wheel tips. The bottom-line is that the Winnie Walker Deluxe Three Wheel Rollator is a good indoor walker for people with only mild balance/ mobility problems.

Drive Medical Deluxe Aluminium Rollator Buyer Review

The Drive Medical Deluxe Aluminium Rollator is ideal for people with mobility issues. Drive Medical is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and distributors of durable medical equipment in the home healthcare and rehabilitation markets in theUnited States.

Product Features Of The Drive Medical Deluxe Aluminium Rollator

The Drive Medical Deluxe Aluminium Rollator is made out of aluminium, which makes it lightweight while ensuring both security and stability to the user. It is manufactured with wrap-around welds providing additional strength and support. Its unique features are that, it has smaller 6-inch casters with loop locks and soft-grip tires, which makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Another unique factor is that it comes with a 12” x 12” comforted padded seat which permits the user to spend a longer time on the rollator. There is also a tool-free removable padded backrest, which provides additional comfort. There is also the usual pouch below the padded seat. It has a special lever lock that has been implemented in order to avoid fingers from “snapback” contact while releasing the brake. Another unique factor is that it is light and weighs only 13 pounds and can be folded easily with one hand folding. It is also available in flame red, tan and flame blue frame along with a tan plaid bag. It has height adjustable handles and has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

Drive Medical Deluxe Aluminium Rollator Price Range

The Deluxe Aluminium Rollator is priced at USD.234 at the Drive Medical site. However, has the best price at USD.97. It is also listed at at USD.112 and at CWI Medical at USD.153. They are also at many online companies such as Wal-Mart (USD.111), (USD.120) and (USD.127). The Deluxe Aluminium Rollator also comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a lifetime warranty on the brake cable. This item is also available for shipping to selected countries outside the United States.

User Reviews On The Drive Medical Deluxe Aluminium Rollator

The Deluxe Aluminum Rollator’s aluminum build makes it lightweight and users feel that it is very good for people who are old and who may not have the strength to push a walker that is a bit on the heavier side. As the construction is very durable, it is likely that you can use it for more than just two or three years. Consumers also feel that it is also stable because of its four-point system. They also like the fact that it comes with multiple color choices. The complaint that some of the users had was that the walker does not fold tightly, as the wheels seem to obstruct the fold, and it becomes difficult to fit into a two seater car. Some users also felt that the bag below the seat is not as durable as some of the other rollators. However, this can be replaced by buying an additional basket for storage. Overall, the Drive Medical Deluxe Aluminium Rollator’s lightweight and durability makes it a good everyday indoor walker with occasional outdoor use.

Review For Drive Medical D-Lite Aluminium Rollator with 8 Inch Wheels

The D-Lite Aluminium Rollator is made from Drive Medical who is one of the established manufacturers of sturdy medical equipments. It is good for anyone with mobility issues and who needs something more than just a walking stick.

Product Features Of The Drive Medical D-Lite Aluminium Rollator

The Drive Medical D-Lite Aluminium Rollator improves mobility and is adjustable to fit most beds. It is foldable for easy storage and is portable. The Rollator has loop locks that easily release and can be pulled up or pushed down to stop or lock. The D-Lite Walker has adjustable handles that are ergonomically designed and are easy to grip. Its contoured back combined with its solid frame offers a stability to the rollator making maneuvering this rollator indoors and outdoors an easy proposition with its 8-inch wheels. The D-Lite Aluminium Rollator also comes with a very convenient front mounted basket. The one-piece release knob allows for easy adjustment of the handle height from 32 inches to 38 inches. The Rollator can also be folded flat with one hand. It is made of anodized Aluminum and is available in black and blue. This makes it easy to clean the equipment. Its product weight is 24 pounds and its weight limit is 300 pounds. It comes with an instructional leaflet.

Drive Medical D-Lite Aluminium Rollator Price Range

Although the Rollator is priced at USD322 at the Drive Medical site, it is likely that Amazon would have the best prices (anywhere between USD118 and USD140). The D-Lite Rollator also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is most likely to be eligible for reimbursement through the user’s insurance plan. This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the United States.

User Reviews On The Drive Medical D-Lite Aluminium Rollator

The D-Lite Rollator is rated four on five by most consumers as it provides good value. Users feel it is good for anyone with chronic mobility issues. They feel that it will assist the user in the recommencement of their every day independent living activities. Most consumers feel the walker’s 8″ wheels is perfect for most kinds of outdoor terrain, yet is narrow enough to enjoy the indoors. Although they find the curved backrest extremely comfortable than a straight one, the only common problem seems to be that the seat is not padded and it generally bothers the sciatica if used for a long time. Few of them have complained about its weight as they find it a bit difficult while folding it and lifting into the back of a car. They also feel that the D-Lite Aluminium Rollator has extremely good brakes and lock when they need to sit down and rest.


Cheap Rolling Canes For Elderly

Benefits Of Rolling Cane

Walking canes have been used for centuries as a walking aid. They are better known in history as pilgrims’ staffs, and more recently as trekking aids to hikers, climbers and others involved in similar activities where additional stability and support is needed. A walking cane is a boon to the elderly, or those with walking disabilities. Apart from the additional support it offers, using a cane takes much of the load off an injured or weak leg which makes it invaluable to someone in need of such assistance. The proper way to use a cane to favor an injured or weak leg is to hold the cane in the hand opposite the leg requiring support. This does appear to be contradictory but in fact provides the user more stability by shifting much of the weight away from the weaker side and on to the cane.

How Rolling Cane Works

A rolling cane is one of a series of walking canes which is designed to assist in walking or ambulation. It makes a person steadier by increasing the base of support and so improving the user’s sense of balance. Four different types of canes are commonly available, one of which is a quad cane, so called because it has a rectangular base with four supports which provides more support than an ordinary cane. Quad canes come in two categories – small base and large base quad canes, appropriately related to the size of the rectangular base.

How is the Rolling Cane Better Than the Quad Cane?

The rolling cane is an advancement on the quad cane principle. It provides the larger base of the quad cane but instead of static supports, it has wheeled supports. Unlike the standard quad cane, the user does not have to lift the cane when moving forward, but instead slides it forward using the roller wheels. In this way the rolling cane offers constant and uninterrupted support unlike the quad cane where the support and security is lost when the cane is lifted. Constant support and not having to lift the cane is less tiring and allows the user to walk easier and smoother with less fatigue.

Roller Cane Features

The rolling cane is designed with additional handles positioned lower down the cane to assist the user in rising from a seated position. This is particularly useful in toilets and other places where the user can rise more easily, using less arm strength. An intriguing feature of the design is a pressure-sensitive brake which is automatically activated when either handle is pressed down. This safety feature is in addition to the built-in safety brake which is activated by pressing the top handle with the heel of your hand. The rolling cane’s ergonomically designed handles ensures that it is comfortable to use for long periods of time. Its compact design makes it light and convenient when travelling.

Which are the Best Brands For Rolling Canes available?

There are not too many manufacturers of canes with wheels. The best known brand is the Pilot® Rolling Cane.

How much does a Rolling Cane Cost?

The Pilot® Rolling Quad Cane with wheels is available at around $110 upwards.

Where To Buy Rolling Cane?

Your best bet would be to shop online with some of the leading sellers of mobility aids.  You can easily do a search for walking or rolling canes online and visit the prominent sites where they can ship the purchase to your location.

Buyers Guide To Knee Walkers

What Is A Knee Walker

The knee walker is the perfect solution to anyone who suffers from a knee condition. It is a mobility device which helps people to get around after a foot or ankle injury, or surgery. Conditions that merit using a knee walker could be of many sorts, like a sprained ankle, an injured Achilles tendon, gout, bunions, leg amputations or any number of other below-the-knee conditions which make walking difficult. The Elderly Knee walker is also a useful strolling assistant for old people who have mobility problems. Knee Walkers are used as a good alternative to crutches or walkers. They are comfortable, portable and maneuverable, and a mode of stable transportation with minimal energy expenditure. By enabling the user increased mobility, comfort and stability with reduced effort, the knee walker improves the quality of life of the patient. It allows him or her to return to a near normal lifestyle. Knee walkers have many advantages over crutches, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Less-fatiguing, painless substitute for crutches or walker which conserve on the energy of the user
  • Keep the user’s hands free
  • Strengthen muscles. Does not allow them to atrophy, wasting muscle and bone mass
  • Exercises muscles on both sides around hip, knee and trunk, when used regularly
  • Turning front wheels enable easy maneuverability
  • User is more stable and less likely to trip or fall than when using crutches
  • Improves circulation and reduces swelling and pain by keeping the affected leg elevated
  • Compact and foldable for easy transportation and storage

Knee walkers, or mobility walkers as they are also known, are also used as walking aids and medical walkers for the elderly. Other names by which they are known are knee scooters, knee cruisers, wheeled walkers, leg caddies and leg walkers. This stability device consists essentially of a padded cushion on wheels with a handlebar for navigation. The patient places the injured knee or foot on the cushion and moves by propelling with the other foot. They are easy to use and provide a reassuring stability which gives confidence to the user.

What will a knee walker cost me?

New knee walkers are available from as low as $150 upwards to $900, depending on design and other fitments. However, you could also buy a used knee walker which has been maintained by skilled technicians. Used knee walkers are thoroughly inspected before sale. Another alternative, if you need one for a limited period only, is to rent a knee walker.

What are the best brand names?

Some of the well-known brands in knee walkers are:

  • Kaye Products of Hillsborough NC a leading manufacturer of mobility aids
  • Invacare Homecare, a leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative home medical products.
  • Medline Industries of Mundelein, ILL, which provides products and clinical solutions to the healthcare industry

This list is by no means exhaustive with many other manufacturers and dealers of quality walkers.

Where can I buy a knee walker?

Since there are a range of knee walkers with different designs, the best way you could go about buying one is to go online and find which suits you best in terms of features and price. Popular sites such as Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon carry a wide range of walking aids. You simply search for knee walkers in Amazon or visit the Craigslist Wheelchair sections to find walking aids. Then find out the nearest show room where you could see and try out the product if you wish to.