Rollator For Elderly and Disabled

What is a Rollator Walker

A Rollator walker is an apparatus which has been modeled along the lines of the walker, the difference being that it has wheels as compared to the regular walker which does not. The main purpose of a Rollator walker is to aid a disabled person in getting around the house without the help and support of another person. It is an alternative to Electric Wheelchairs for Elderly or Disabled who do not have severe physical restraints. With old age, muscles and bones tend to get weak and cannot support body weight. For this purpose an elderly person may find it difficult to move around inside and outside the house and will require the Rollator walker for Elderly to lean on. A Rollator walker can be used by anyone at any age and comes in handy when a person has suffered an injury or is overweight and finds it impossible to move around with ease.

Benefits of Rollator Walker

Invacare Rollator with Seat and Basket AccessoriesThere are several benefits of Rollator walkers as compared to regular walkers. For one a Rollator has wheels which mean that the person using it does not have to lift it to move forward, he simply has to roll which is much less stressful. Rollator walkers are fitted with seats which tend to be useful when the user wants to rest from time to time. The Rollator is designed in such a way that it provides for stress free and independent walking for an individual who is aged or handicapped. It provides a sense of security because of sturdy design and comes with a whole range of Rollator Walker Accessories depending on what the user is looking for. The benefits of Rollator walkers are just great for a person who wants mobility and independence. What’s more is, no matter what your height is, you will find a Rollator for tall people and a Rollator for short people as well.

Brands Of Rollator Walkers

When it comes to choosing the right Rollator, there are several brands a person can choose from depending on what the user is looking for in a Rollator. For instance, the Dolomite Rollator is a product of Sweden and is lightweight and has a huge basket in which a person on the go can store whatever he likes. Dolomite has 3 models and has a Rollator for tall people with a capacity of up to 400lbs as well as a Rollator for short people. There are many other brands which can fulfil the needs of people who need support while they are walking. Some other brands include – Drive Medical, Guardian, Invacare, Lumex, Nova, Merry Walker and Winmed.

Price Range For Rollators

Rollator walkers can be used by a person of any age and is not necessarily for the elderly though they usually need it the most. If a person has suffered some kind of an injury or is recovering from an illness, it is possible that a broken limb or general weakness in the body can prevent the person from walking without support. Renting Rollator walkers are available in different sizes and colours and depending on the accessories one needs, the price range can vary. Usually, Rollator walkers cost under US$100 but there are some designs which cost more. You can find cheap and discounted Rollators for Sale in Amazon, Craigslist or EBay. For instance, a fully loaded Rollator with cable-free breaks, a folding basket, adjustable height, adjustable handles and a swanky aesthetically appealing design can cost up to US$400. What model is bought is largely need based and a person must buy the model best suited for his disability. For instance, a relatively healthy person who has injured a leg can go for a model without a seat or if the problem is temporary, the user can go for the model without the seat and the basket. There is also the Extra Wide Rollator Walkers for obese or heavier people.

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