Wheelchair Umbrella Holder

Wheelchair users often face a major inconvenience during rainy days and that is to undertake the dual task of moving their wheelchairs and holding up an umbrella to prevent themselves from getting wet. Manual wheelchair users simply have to stay where they are as them will not have extra hand to hold aloft an umbrella when pushing their own wheelchairs. Electric wheelchair users may find it easier to hold the umbrella, however, it will be too tiring for the hands after a while. In some cases, the wheelchair users may not have the capacity to hold an umbrella at all. Even with the assistance of caregivers, covering both wheelchair user and assistant will be awkward due to the difference in heights.

This week we feature the Bag Boy Umbrella Holder.

Flexible Wheelchair umbrella holder

Made of tough sturdy materials and suitable for all outdoor conditions.

“I am glad I bought this umbrella holder. It is strong enough and functions adequately”


Ben Cook, Holbrook, AZ United States, Amazon rating: 4/5 stars

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The Wheelchair Umbrella Holder comes in very handy during rainy or hot shiny days. You can attach an umbrella easily to the holder. The umbrella holder can either be clip or clamp on to the armrest or frame of the wheelchair. It fits tightly to prevent the umbrella from shaking or falling off during movement. The inside of the umbrella holder will have a good grip on the umbrella handle. It is able to hold standard weight umbrellas, but some umbrella handles may be too small or big for the hold. You should purchase compatible wheelchair umbrellas. When the umbrella is not in use, the umbrella holder can attach the umbrella to the side of the wheelchair. The user need not worry about where to store the umbrella. With this useful wheelchair accessory, wheelchair user can be mobile and independent under all weather conditions. It is not expensive and relatively cheap, which makes it an appropriate gift.



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Umbrella holder for wheelchair

A wheelchair umbrella holder is multipurpose as it can also be attached to baby pram/stroller, walkers, rollators and wheelchair scooters. It can even be used for outdoor sports such as golf and fishing. It can be attached to prams to provide cover for the baby. It fits very tightly and able to withstand the bumps when a parent jogs with the pram.

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