Lift Chairs

If you are unable to walk or have mobility issues that make standing up or sitting down difficult You may want to consider buying an elevating chair. With a lift chair when you have to stand up, it can give you a comfortable lift until you’re able for you to be able stand up on your own. In contrast, if sitting at a comfortable pace is not an option for you, then you can easily recline back in your chair, and let the chair to gradually lower you into an upright place. It’s all done by pressing the button!


Lift Chairs and The Different Types

2 Position Lift Chairs

This kind of lift chair usually recline only one inch while the ottoman and seat rise. They are great for those who want to perform something simple like reading a book, watching the television or operate computers. Two-position lift chairs are like recliners or lounge chair, except that they are able to raise the user after leaving the chair.


3 Position Lift Chairs

A 3-position wheelchair you can recline to the same the position as a two-position as well as recline farther in the back of a conventional recliner to a position near a fully reclined position. However, it maintains the shape of a slight V. 3 position lift chairs are suitable for those who wish to relax in a comfortable lounge or sleep or sleeping position. They are powered by an operating system with a single motor which can be shut off in any position.


Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

One of the most significant advantages of the zero-gravity lift chair is that it will alleviate the pressure on your heart and improve the flow of blood. Also known as an unlimited position. This kind of lift chair offers the capacity to be in any position you want. The zero-gravity lift chair work with two motors; an ottoman motor, and one to drive the seat. The user can move the seat up and down and move the legs down or up simultaneously.

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