Electric Wheelchair Repair Service

Where to find Electric Wheelchair Repair Service

Electric wheelchair repair service is an important service any wheelchair users or care-givers should take note. The Electric wheelchair is a mixture of mechanical and electrical components, hence, there will definitely be breakdowns or problems with the electric wheelchair which require experts to identify and solve them. There are not many specialized wheelchair repair personnel around. We provide repair specialists for fixing electric wheelchairs and we offer site visits to assess the problem for a minimal charge. Our wheelchair specialists can resolve the problem with your damaged electric wheelchairs within 2 hours. If the wheelchair has severe problems and need to be taken back for further repair, we even offer a spare electric wheelchair for temporary use. You need not worry for the wheelchair users for the inconvenience when he or she has no wheelchairs. Our electric wheelchair is only temporary and usually do not require any charges unless there are damages to it. We usually take 4 to 5 working days to repair your wheelchair if we take it back. We are the only wheelchair repair service provider that is offering our service online. You can email or browse through Internet listing for repairs on your electric wheelchairs.

Parts of Electric wheelchair for Repair

There are many parts of the electric wheelchair which will be damaged and you should engage the trained technicians to help you repair your wheelchair. Repair service includes: Joystick, electrical wiring, battery, wheels, handles and the mobility mechanism. Technicians will come prepared with all the necessary tools and replacement parts for your electric wheelchairs.

Repair for different brands of Electric Wheelchairs

You can find technicians who offer expertise to repair and service electric wheelchairs from all the top brands in the industry. Quickie, Permobil, Invacare and Sunrise Medical are just some of the brands we have engineers to support. We even have the full suite of electric wheelchair parts for these brands and they are authentic and certified parts. You can request for house calls where they will assess the state of your electric wheelchairs before advising you on the repair service required. Wheelchair users should sign up for electric wheelchair maintenance packages when they buy electric wheelchairs. Under this package, they will be provided quarterly or half yearly checks on the operations of your electric wheelchair. This service is useful for people who are not trained for electric wheelchair maintenance. Cheap wheelchair repair service can be hired for a reasonable price and leave your worries with them and trust them to do a good and complete job.

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