Medwarm Aluminum Electric Wheelchair, Stable Power Wheelchair with Comfortable Frame Construction

  • Medwarm electric wheelchair is made of high-strength 6061 aluminum alloy. The front wheels and under the seat are equipped with shock absorbers. Durable frame and comfortable to drive.
  • The intelligent upper control joystick is equipped with 360-degree direction control, speed increase and decrease, power display and reversing warning.
  • Medwarm Motorized Wheelchair is equipped with two 200W brushed 12-inch motors, with manual and automatic mode switching and electromagnetic brake functions. Release the controller to start the brake
  • The folding power wheelchair is equipped with a 24V10AH lithium battery under the seat and can travel 9.3 miles. You can remove the battery to charge
  • The foldable wheelchair can be quickly folded and placed in the trunk, which is a transportation choice for family travel
  • The armrest can be lifted, the upper control can be exchanged in the left and right directions, the foot pedal can be lifted, and the length of the anti-roll wheel can be adjusted.


If you are looking for a foldable, comfortable, beautiful and durable electric wheelchair, we hope you can consider us.

Our product not only have the characteristics of folding and portable, comfortable configuration and durable materials, but also have a nice streamlined frame design. There are storage bags under the seat and backrest to facilitate the placement of some daily items, and the seat belt fixed on the backrest , Ergonomic size design.


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